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28 серпня 2023 року

Літня школа-тренування на токамаку Компас в Чехії.

IPP Prague повідомляє про відкриття конкурсу участь у 19-му літньому навчальному курсі (SUMTRAIC 2023), який відбудеться з ПОНЕДІЛКА 28 СЕРПНЯ ДО П’ЯТНИЦІ 8 ВЕРЕСНЯ.

During the two-weeks event, participants will be paired with one or two other participants. Each group will be assigned a fusion-oriented topic linked to actual research conducted at the IPP Prague. This topic may be related to actual data collected during the past 10 years of operation of the COMPASS tokamak or to simulations of past or future experiments. Under the supervision of scientists, participants will experience a glimpse of what a fusion scientist does. Like in past years, only one day will be devoted to lectures to allow more time to work on the assignment. On the last day of the event, participants will present their work in English in front of a broad audience. Social events such as a tour of Prague, welcome party and a visit of GOLEM are also planned and are considered essential for the successful realization of the school.

All students from bachelor to PhD levels are welcome to apply UNTIL JUNE 4TH. Applicants can expect a response around mid-June and are required to provide a CV, a recommendation letter, and a cover letter. A symbolic fee of 70 euros per participant is set to secure participation. Accommodation is covered by the IPP Prague.

More information can be found on the SUMTRAIC website: https://indico.ipp.cas.cz/e/sumtraic2023 [1]

An advertisement poster can be downloaded here [2]. Do not hesitate to share this message.

On behalf of the SUMTRAIC organizing team and in memory of Jan Stockel, Jordan Cavalier cavalier@ipp.cas.cz [3]


[1] https://indico.ipp.cas.cz/e/sumtraic2023

[2] https://indico.ipp.cas.cz/event/23/attachments/117/147/2023%20SUMTRAIC%20flyer.pdf

[3] mailto:cavalier@ipp.cas.cz